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About This Offer

At CityMD, we pride ourselves on providing convenience for our patients! We now have a location in the Flatiron District!


37 West 23rd Street

New York, NY 10010


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About Us

Why CityMD?

At CityMD, we pride ourselves on convenience, service, and excellence in medical care.

We deliver unparalleled urgent care services by board certified emergency medicine physicians with over 50 years of combined experience. We offer state -of-the-art environmentall friendly facilities, utilizing digital X–rays, electronic medical records, and electronic pharmaceutical transitions of your medications to reduce medication error and utilize less paper.

Redefining the delivery of care

CityMD is here to service our patients and the community. Waiting hours, days, or weeks for your urgent care needs is no longer your only option.

As a certified UCAOA (Urgent Care Association Of America) provider, referrals, pre-approvals and appointment are never necessary.
Furthermore, your medical needs don’t stop when you leave our offices, and neither do we. CityMD’s aftercare program ensures that you receive the care you need. From advance diagnostic testing, to a specialist follow up, our aftercare team is there to help you get the appropriate care you need in a timely manner.

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CityMD Walk-In Urgent Care in Manhattan offers a full range of medical services with an emphasis on providing outstanding care with superior service.

(212) 772-3627
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336 East 86th St
New York, NY  10028

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